The number of decisions the average adult makes in a day is 35,000. For the owner of a business, the number is staggering.

Our goal is to simplify your financial life both professionally and personally. As fiduciary advisors we offer objective financial advice. Because they work for big conglomerates, they often lack the time and resources to do little more than sell you insurance or an investment product. As business owners ourselves, we understand the need to get sound, financial guidance from someone who knows business, not just another employee of a financial institution.

Our strategies align your goals with your resources and help to mitigate your tax liability, while allowing you to contribute more toward retirement. Further, we utilize every technology in our systems, processes and approach to wealth management.

While you’ve worked hard to achieve success, we’ll work just as hard to maximize your financial situation.



(Indirect quote from, John Reitmeier, owner of “ Late Night Radio Network” about the number of decisions we make. http://www.linkedin.com/in/reitmeier).