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This book should give you clarity about questions you should ask your financial advisor, and inspire confidence to allow you to find the right group of professionals to achieve financial success.

You already know good financial advice is paramount in today’s ever changing and fast paced world. There is too much information and the confusing part is not knowing which advice is best suited for your financial situation. If you have an advisor, how do you know whether they are properly qualified to give advice, and more importantly, whether they work for your best interests? Our success with High-Performance Professionals™ like athletes, surgeons and entrepreneurs, and the reason they are attracted to our systems and processes, is because they receive independent and objective advice from a Board Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) in all of the six areas of financial planning.

After nearly fifteen years as a financial advisor to High-Performance Professionals ™ I have found the financial services industry to lack transparency for the consumers. My goal is to share perspectives and questions so you can find the best advisor for you and your family. Too often the advisor’s advice and behavior is dictated by their compensation model, and bad advice can cost you thousands of dollars in lost opportunities. We’ll show you the model and infrastructure of a successful Client/Advisor relationship and how you can win financially.

The Synergy Way™ is a holistic look at your financial planning needs. The six key areas of financial planning are:

1. Current Financial Position

2. Risk Management with a Qualified Independent Broker

3. Investment Selection, Review and Analysis

4. Tax Planning and Working with a Qualified CPA

5. Retirement Planning and Income Strategies

6. Estate Planning and Engaging with an Attorney

The information in this book is structured so it is easy to understand, yet informative so you can identify strengths and weaknesses in your personal financial situation. We will journey through how you can engage an advisor who not only has your best interests at heart, but you can easily identify whether they are properly qualified to give you high quality financial advice. Please note that since financial advice and strategies should be customized for each client, the book is focused on building a foundation of concepts.

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