It’s time for a different approach.

The events of the past several years have caused many lasting changes. Among the most enduring—and ultimately most positive—may be a realization among many investors that their plans were not as well suited to them as they had believed. Unrealistic projections, failure to clearly define and quantify ultimate investment objectives, confusing communication (or no communication at all when times were toughest), and much more all led to unexpected results and sometimes significant financial losses. As a result, many are left justifiably questioning the financial system and its advisors.

Synergy Financial Group, LTD delivers world-class capabilities tailored to the clients we serve. We apply the best thinking of our organization to the specialized needs of each client. Recognized as innovative since our founding, our services are grounded in experience yet informed by deep insights and commitment to the needs and challenges of today’s client.

We tailor our services and integrate services such as Cash Flow Analysis, Risk Management, Investment Planning, Tax Planning, Retirement Management and Estate Planning. We also delve into Personal Trusts, Charitable planning, Planned Giving and Endowments and Foundations.

Our services are tailored to your investments, income and financial planning needs. Please contact us for details. In general, we operate as follows: