Synergy Financial Group was formed to be a disruptive model in the financial services industry. At Synergy, our Advisors with a select group of clients which allows us to provide more personal attention. Ultimately, we believe this leads to greater client satisfaction and increased Advisor success. Our systems and professional alliances are set so each client receives proper estate planning, tax management, investment advice, among other things. We are looking for advisors who want to focus managing the client relationship.

Too often independent* advisors are just that- independent*. They are alone, not working at peak performance and at times, unmotivated. In fact, a majority of the time, the ‘About Us’ section on a website is just the Advisor with a revolving door of assistants and paraplanners- and no strategic vision for their practice, which just compounds the problems and results in years of stagnant or negative growth. As a holistic wealth management firm, we have all the tools, skills and technology for the Advisor and Client.

We are looking for individuals who understand the heart and essence of Synergy. Camaraderie, teamwork and high-achieving Advisors will love our culture of accountability and responsibility. Financial Advisors will be responsible for managing the client relationship and maintain a high level of client confidence and trust. We are looking for a minimum of seven years experience, an undergraduate degree and/or professional credential or advanced degree is required.

Why join our team? We are one of the few firms providing independent* and objective financial advice on all six areas of Financial Planning. The best part- our Associates enjoy the camaraderie while at the same time are independent* and grow their practice with their own vision. Interested? Please call or email us.